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Dazzling, Pearly White Teeth Can Be Yours In No Time

Ryan Coombs, DDS & Shannon Brewer, DDS | Carson City, Nevada's Preferred Dentists, Specializing In General & Cosmetic Dentistry

Many people purchase over-the-counter tooth-whitening products only to find them extremely messy, time-consuming, and that they have given your teeth an unnatural look. The drugstore version is considerably less effective than the healthy, natural look you'll discover after Drs. Coombs & Brewer complete their artistry on your mouth.

We use two methods:

  • In-Office Treatment: Glow! Whitening uses safe, high intensity light to improve penetration into the tooth and greatly speeds the whitening process. The time is reduced from one month, to one week. Additionally we provide a custom fitted take home kit to further lighten as needed.
  • At-Home Treatment: The second is a self-paced, at-home procedure. A custom fitted mouth-tray is used to hold a gel-like material against the teeth, gradually lightening the tooth from the inside. Teeth can be lightened to the desired whiteness. The darker the teeth, thought, the longer the repair will take.

With Drs. Coombs & Brewer teeth whitening means a natural, beautiful, bright, stain-free smile.

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