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Word Of Mouth: Testimonials From Satisfied Clients

"I saw Dr. Holmes for a full-mouth reconstruction. My front 4 teeth cracked and chipped. I have osteoporosis and my jaw was deteriorating. As a result I lost 8 teeth. After getting my four front teeth done I decided to do it all. Dr. Holmes has done 18 to 20 veneers. Now my teeth are gorgeous! He is superior to anyone I've seen in the past. He goes above and beyond. He even came in on his day off. I have recommended him to others."

- Jan Goldress, Patient of Dr. Holmes

"Dr. Holmes has redone my entire mouth. My gums had deep pockets that measured 8s and 10s. Now they're 2s and 3s. I have a condition called "children's ears". I get very sensitive earaches and my teeth will hurt when my allergies start up. Other dentists and doctors gave up on a diagnosis. I had horrible excruciating pain through my teeth. Dr. Holmes did not give up. He is just so wonderful and I love that he has a party for his patients every summer. We are all one big family. "

- Karen Logan, Patient of Dr. Holmes

"I have been going to Dr. Holmes since 2002. My experience and result have been amazing and fabulous! I needed a full makeover on my upper jaw. I had orthodontics for 3 months that stretched my jaw. I have never had a moment of pain. It changed my looks so much, people thought I had a face lift. It made me look younger. I always wanted to have "movie star teeth" and now I do! It is just amazing! Look me up on Facebook to see my new smile!"

- PJ Degross, Patient of Dr. Holmes

"A friend referred me to Dr. Holmes some 15 years ago. Since becoming his patient, he has given me veneers and crowns and the work has lasted. Dr. Holmes is quite sensitive to his patients and extremely good at what he does. It is nice to have someone who knows what they are doing. He is very communicative and treats you like a person and not just a patient. I like all the staff. They are very fun and enjoyable. They are friendly and know you by your first name. It is really a good office!! "

- Russ Fiddament, Patient of Dr. Holmes

"I have been a patient for 22 years. I had 2 front teeth that I ruined when I was a teenager eating lemons and I also had a health issue that affected my teeth. Dr. Holmes did four veneers and they are just fine now. Dennis, the lab tech did a fabulous job of matching the color. He gets 90% of the credit for the perfect color match. I can highly recommend both Dr. Holmes and the lab tech to anyone. Dr. Holmes is a great guy all the way around and I enjoy going to him."

- Ann Bradshaw, Patient of Dr. Holmes

"I am the biggest chicken in the world when it comes to going to the dentist. I have avoided them all my life. Until my front tooth broke off and I could not eat. I didn't want to show my teeth. I only ate soft foods. When I went to see "The Man" I thought for sure he was going to have to pull all my teeth and start over with dentures, but he said I had other options. He explained my treatment so clearly and put me at ease. They did implants and crowns and veneers… it was simply unbelievable! I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Holmes and Dr. Almaraz to anyone."

- Gregg Todd, Patient of Dr. Holmes

"We are retired and do not have dental insurance. We needed a dentist who would work with us on financials and let us get the work done over time. The minute you walk into the office everyone treats you like a friend. We have been patients for 2 years. I had some very intense work that needed to be done and we tried another dentist and it did not work out. Dr. Holmes' demeanor is reflected in those that work in the office. The staff is a reflection of him. I am very pleased. I wanted a healthy mouth. I like to say I have a "Happy Mouth" now!"

- Sharon and Harvey Georgeson, Patients of Dr. Holmes