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Crowns & Inlays To Restore Your Happy Smile

Ryan Coombs, DDS & Shannon Brewer, DDS | Carson City, Nevada's Preferred Dentists, Specializing In General & Cosmetic Dentistry

The days of heavy, silver, gold, or gray metal fillings are history. Drs. Coombs & Brewer can upgrade your teeth fillings or crowns to match the color of your surrounding teeth, making them look natural and virtually undetectable.

Did you know?

  • While mercury silver fillings plug a hole in the tooth, the material expands and contracts with temperature changes and causes cracking and fracturing of the tooth structure
  • Mercury silver fillings have been around for over 100 years
  • Mercury silver fillings are a biohazard when removed from the mouth and require special disposal
  • Mercury silver fillings have been controversial, though no scientific studies have been able to show a direct cause and effect of disease from this material

Dentistry today has evolved considerably. Today's materials, when used properly, reinforce tooth structure, seal out invading bacteria, and wear extremely well. Which material would you prefer in your mouth?

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Metal expands and contracts, cracking teeth. Adhesive Dentistry flawlessly fills the gaps.